At Sweet Cheeks Bakery, we are passionate about baking the highest quality, fresh, made from scratch and love, deliciously moist, designed cakes, pies and baked treats.  We happily provide delights  for anniversaries,  birthdays, everyday eating and all sorts of special occasions; especially weddings. We take great pleasure in listening to the many comments our customers make about how great our “Heavenly Baked Goods”  taste!

We are a specialty bakery that focuses on only the finest and freshest ingredients, including whole eggs and pure vanilla extract!  Our approach centers on quality products with the largest base of appeal for today's educated consumer. This means products free of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, fillers and shortcut ingredients. We believe in good old-fashioned southern hospitality and the fine art of baking quality products. With that, we know our business is more than just our great tasting products. Our attitude toward customer service is exemplified at all levels from our pastry chefs, to our customer service and delivery personnel. We believe these attitudes serve our company and our customers' interests in the most positive ways possible.

Click the links below to see photos of the pies, cakes, and treats that we offer and to order your favorites!


    * Old-fashioned Buttermilk Pie
    * Old-fashioned Chess Pie
    * Coconut Pie
    * Sweet Potato Pie
    * Southern Style Pecan Pie
    * Chocolate Cream Pie
    * Lemon Meringue Pie


    * Our signature "Butter Pound Cake"
      (7-Up, Sour Cream, Five Flavor, Cream
 Cheese, Old-Fashioned Chocolate)
    * Butter Pound Cake w/Pecan Cream Cheese Glaze!
    * Carrot Cake
    * Red Velvet Cake
    * Chocolate Chocolate Layer Cake
    * Yellow Cake w/Chocolate Buttercream Icing
    * Strawberry Cake
    * Coconut Cake
    * Pineapple Cake
    * German Chocolate Cake
    * Coconut-Lemon Cake
    * Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Treats By The Dozen:

    * Chocolate Chip Cookies
    * Blondies
    * Brownies

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