About Jackie Green

Jackie Green, Sweet Cheeks Bakery
 Visionary and owner Jackie Green is the passionate entrepreneur of Sweet Cheeks, Inc.,”Heavenly Baked Goods™”.  A specialty bakery that believes in its roots and is passionate about baking the highest quality, fresh, deliciously moist, baked goods for anniversaries, birthdays, everyday eating and all sorts of special occasions, especially weddings.  This means products free of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, fillers and shortcut ingredients. She believes in good old-fashioned southern hospitality and the fine art of baking quality products with delivery services available.

Out of her modern kitchen, ServSafe Certified, licensed with Wake County and certified with North Carolina Department of Agriculture, she bakes specialty cakes, southern style pies and mouth watering pastries reminiscent of her youth, just like her grandma used to make; from scratch with love!

She learned the fine art of southern baking and cooking at a very young age growing up in South Carolina. After the death of her mother when she was seven years old, she was raised by her grandmother and aunts who passed on the love of baking.  She spent hours in the kitchen under their tutelage learning the baking techniques and specialties the old-fashioned way.

Jackie Green is described as hard working and a survivor.  Laid off from a management job she prayed and pondered what to do next.  Her love of baking and her grandmother’s recipes were the makings of Sweet Cheeks Bakery. The answer came in doing what you love.  No one can deny that there is a lot of love baked into each “Heavenly Baked Goods™” because that’s the only way she knows how to do it. 

In our fast paced world, where  so many skills have been lost in the art of baking, Jackie has created a down home flavor and a reputation for the best butter pound cake for people to enjoy.  With each mouth watering bite of iced butter pound cake sprinkled with pecans and a cream cheese glaze, you will be hooked on her fresh baked goodness.  Her buttermilk pies are out of this world too.

Baking is not the only skill Jackie has brought to Sweet Cheeks.  Deliveries, demonstrations, wedding cakes and more describe a successful business keen on freshness and customer satisfaction.  She has become familiar with marketing and distribution, as well as setting up unique partnerships, like one in a local coffee shop who sells her “Heavenly Baked Goods™”.  Whole Foods Market carry her products and you can see Jackie handing out delicious samples in different locations throughout the area.

Baking is Jackie’s art, but she also is a full-fledged business woman with over 20 years of experience as a top-level manager and a single mother of two handsome boys.  Beyond her wide-ranging business and managerial acumen, however, is her pioneering spirit.  Her previous endeavors taught her how to run a successful business and continued to drive her more avidly to open a business of her own.  Jackie has the professional background and the entrepreneurial passion to make Sweet Cheeks, Inc., “Heavenly Baked Goods™” another one of her personal accomplishments and professional victories.

A business woman who loves to bake; what a great combination!   She is never far from serving you a slice of heaven from her kitchen full of love.

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