It can be easy to get distracted by all the delicious looking cakes, pies and desserts here on the Sweet Cheeks Bakery website.  If you're looking for one place to get answers to things you're wondering about, you've come to the right place.

Here are some quick answers for some of our most commonly asked questions about products, deliveries, shipping, services, preservation and more.  Click on any question below to jump down to the corresponding answer, or scroll through the page to browse all the answers.  If you don't see your question displayed here, please fill out our Contact Form.  A member of the Sweet Cheeks team will be in touch with an answer to your question.


What are your business hours?

Monday – Friday 10am - 8pm  and Saturday 8am – 6pm Eastern Time. top

How do I order one of your Heavenly Baked Goods?

Come by our store at 803 East Williams Street, Apex, NC or  give us a call at 919-303-9305. top

How much notice do you need for a cake order?

We ask that you place your Sweet Cheeks Bakery orders at least three to five days in advance of your event to assure availability.  Since all our “Heavenly Baked Goods™” are custom baked and decorated, we cannot always guarantee a short time turnaround. top

Are all your cakes baked from scratch?

Yes!  Our heavenly baked goods are made the old fashioned way, baked from scratch in small batches to ensure a tender crumb.  Only quality ingredients are used, such as pure butter, real vanilla, fresh grated spices, grated carrots and fresh nuts. top

Do you make sheet cakes?

Yes.  We make ¼ sheet, ½ sheet, and full sheet cakes.  Sheet cakes are one-layer.

How many servings do you get from your cakes?

A ¼ sheet cake serves up to 24; ½ sheet serves up to 54; a full sheet serves up to 108.
Pound cakes can serve approximately 16 - 20 people.  Layer cakes will serve 16 to 20 people
Of course, serving sizes depends on how large or small you cut the slices!  top

Do your cakes freeze well?

Our cakes freeze beautifully for up to three months. top

How long does a cake stay fresh?

As a general rule, our cakes stay fresh at room temperature up to one week. Always keep cake covered so it will stay as moist and deilicious as possible. top

Should I refrigerate my cake?

Refrigeration tends to dry cakes out. Cakes with perishable items and fruit should be stored in the refrigerator.  However, do not store cakes in the refrigerator for too long. Always bring cakes to room temperature after refrigeration or freezing to enjoy optimum flavor and texture. top

Do you deliver?

Yes.  We offer local delivery from our store location in Apex.   Deliveries take place Monday - Saturday, 7 a.m. – 12noon. top

Do you ship cakes?

Yes, to confirmed street addresses only. We do not ship to PO Boxes. top

What is your shipping policy?

Our goal is provide our customers with the freshest, most delicious heavenly baked goods possible.  Accordingly, overnight shipping must be chosen for layer cakes. We ship on Monday – Thursday with an expected next day arrival. We do not ship on Mondays of holiday weekends.  Those shipments go on Tuesdays instead.  We do not ship on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We cannot send a Federal Express shipment on Friday to arrive Monday, as weekends don't count as transit days. top
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