Special Event Cakes

Of Course, Birthday Cakes Are Just the Beginning...

Cake deliveries are convenient, and a cake makes a great gift to be shared at special events. No more struggling!  Nothing says "Thanks!" or "We Love You!"  like a cake.

Appreciation, recognition and reward never tasted sweeter.  Cakes are an excellent way to acknowledge an outstanding employee or reward everyone at work. Celebrate your company's anniversary or major accomplishments with cakes delivered to all your offices.  Cakes are a time-honored and traditional part of all sorts of celebrations. A birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower or commemoration of any milestone would not be complete without a customized cake from Sweet Cheeks Bakery.

For that extra special touch that goes beyond the customary, choose one of our specialty cakes to fit your special occasion. 

View our gallery of Special Occasion Cakes!

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