At Sweet Cheeks Bakery we understand the critical role that a great cake (or other dessert) can have at an event.  It's especially crucial for weddings, of course, but very much true for birthday parties, celebrations and company events.

A great dessert makes the gathering even more special and memorable.  A bad one, can put a damper on the experience.  At Sweet Cheeks we take our role in your event very seriously.  Our passion comes through with every cake, pie, cupcake, brownie and cookie we make.  It's always gratifying to realize the role we get to play in celebrating our customers' happiest times and it's so rewarding when we receive a "thank you." 

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And here is a small sampling of what some of our customers have told us about their experience with Sweet Cheeks Bakery.


Dad's 90th Birthday, Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

We wanted to make our Dad's 90th birthday as special as we could imagine. Naturally a big part of the celebration was the cake. I searched for a unique baker in the Raleigh area and found wonderful reviews and an informative, illustrative website for Jackie Green of Sweet Cheeks, Inc. After sending her an email requesting further information, I realized that I had read about her bakery in The Independent. In her return phone call, she answered all my questions, which included how I could participate in the designing of the cake. For the next week while making plans for the celebration, we experienced all manner of disappointments with restaurants and other plans, but our experience with Ms.Green was absolutely flawless and worry free. In fact, during one of our phone conversations, she actually interrupted herself to tell me that "everything would be alright", a reassurance I welcomed. In fact, everything was alright, and her cake, delivered on time, magnificently decorated, reasonably priced, was the crowning end of our evening. My Father was touched and felt as if we had made as much an effort to celebrate his day as we could. The cake was perfect--light and moist and wonderfully flavorful. When I asked everybody their rating on the cake, every last one gave a thumbs up. I only wish I could attach the picture of them licking their forks or of the cake.

Date: July 2010



Absolutely Divine Red Velvet Cake, Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

My wife really wanted a red velvet cake for her birthday, and, wanting it to be special, I didn't really want to just pick one up from the grocery store. So I ordered a red velvet cake from Sweet Cheeks Bakery, and could not have been more pleased with the result. Jackie was very accommodating in arranging delivery of the cake directly to my home, and the cake itself was incredible. We could really tell that it was crafted with love. Highly recommended!

Date: June 2010


Yolanda N.

The Best Cakes, Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

My initial order was placed for a coconut cake for my brother's birthday which is his favorite cake. I am not a fan of coconut, but this cake was absolutely delicious that the whole cake was gone before noon the next day which was surprising since I did not pick up the cake until late the evening before. The cake was moist, baked fresh, and the frosting was tasty. My next order was for a sheet cake for my children's 5th grade graduation. The cake was delicious as well and decorated beautifully and even donned with their school colors and logo. I was very impressed to say the least and the kids were excited about their cake. I have been very happy with all my cake orders and the staff. The staff is professional and had my orders ready when promised. I highly recommend anyone to place an order to see for yourself because our family has found our bakery for all of our cake occasions! Thank you Sweet Cheeks Bakery!

Date: June 2010


Deborah P.

This Birthday Cake is the Best Cake... Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

Birthday Cake Surprise! I heard about Sweet Cheeks Bakery on Public National Radio. I couldn't wait to try her cakes. Anyway I sent my son a birthday cake that was delivered by Sweet Cheeks. I couldn't wait to receive his reviews. In his own words: IT'S THE BEST CAKE I EVER ATE IN MY LIFE!! That's big for someone that's a picky eater, and food just don't play an important part in his life. Thanks Jackie for making Donte's Birthday Grand!

Date: February 2010


Danielle F.

The carrot cake I purchased was the best I ever had.  It was very moist, um, um, um, just right.

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