Choosing Your Cake

One of the most important wedding planning decisions you will have to make is the wedding cake choice.

Sweet Cheeks Bakery believes that when selecting a wedding cake, it's important to have a creation that will be both beautiful and that everyone will remember as a delicious cake!  We provide Free Consultations for future Triangle brides and grooms to make sure we accomplish our goals.

So ... what are the important things to consider when making this most important decision? 

The first thing to figure out is how many people will be at the wedding reception.  This number determines how many servings will be needed. You and your baker will use this information to determine the cake size. There are many different sizes and dimensions to choose from.  A lot of brides like to go with beautiful two or three tier wedding cakes. Remember to choose wisely when picking out the size and shape of your wedding cake.

At Sweet Cheeks Bakery, we believe it's extremely important that you and your groom do a taste test as part of your research.  This step allows you to confidently decide on what kind of wedding cake.  There are several cake flavors to choose from.  Red velvet cake is very popular, as is carrot cake, traditional white cake and the traditional chocolate cake.

Once you have decided on the cake flavor, you can begin to think about frosting and decoration. At this stage of the process, it's helpful if you have already made a decision about your wedding color scheme.   Maybe your cake will be the traditional white, with white frosting with delicate colors and perhaps some flowers on it.  Or perhaps your color combination will allow for a different approach. 

Pearls, ribbons, and flowers are always great decorations, or you could go with something more symbolic to your wedding such as something given to one another on a first date.

Many people do not like to break from tradition and choose a customary traditional white cake with a groom and bride on top.  But remember, there are other cake topper options to choose from as well, so don't limit yourself right away.  Ultimately, it's your wedding cake, so you are the artist.  Whether you choose traditional or avant-garde, make sure it's the look that makes you happy!

Also, remember to keep the top layer of the cake for your first wedding anniversary. Sweet Cheeks Bakery provides a complimentary top tier with every wedding cake we make.  Store yours properly, follow the instructions we provide, and your wedding cake "anniversary tier" will still taste good even after a year. 

Finally, Sweet Cheeks Bakery strongly recommends budgeting cake delivery to the wedding reception into the cost of your cake.  We have extensive experience in delivering wedding cakes safely, on time and in perfect condition to venues throughout the Raleigh - Durham - Cary - Chapel Hill area.  There's no need to risk hreartbreak and stress for such an important part of the wedding experience.  Please don't try to cut corners on this!

When it comes time for you to begin choosing your wedding cake, we hope to hear from you!  Start by reviewing our wedding cake photo gallery.  Then, please use our Contact Form, or call us at 919-303-9305  to schedule your Free Consultation.

Above all, Sweet Cheeks Bakery hopes you have fun choosing your special wedding cake. Plan ahead, relax and it will all fall into place for your special wedding day!

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