Choosing Your Frosting

At Sweet Cheeks Bakery, we know that one of the first decisions to make in selecting that perfect wedding cake, is your choice of cake frosting.  Your options for flavors, appearance, recipes, cost, accessories and decorations, are all affected by the type of icing you choose. At Sweet Cheeks, the flavor comes first for our wedding cakes.

As a general rule, there are three types of icing to choose from.  It comes down to Butter Cream versus Cream Cheese versus Fondant. 

Here’s a quick recap of the common wedding cake frosting options: 


This is your basic birthday cake frosting.
Pro: It tastes great. It's easy to use. It’s the least expensive.
Con: It's harder to get that perfectly smooth look that is so popular these days, and it is not recommended for extreme heat.


This is the traditional frosting for a carrot cake.
Pro: The price is slightly more expensive than the butter cream. It tastes great.
Con: You can't have intricate designs, but if you use live flowers on your cake that doesn't matter.


Think of this as sugar play dough. It's used in ultra-hip wedding cakes.
Pro: A cake designer can do almost anything with it. It pleats. It folds. It does everything but cut the cake for you.
Con: It's very expensive and the least tasty of the frostings.
Sweet Cheeks Bakery has a commitment to honoring the tradition of great tasting wedding cakes -- just like grandma used to bake.  We use only the finest, freshest and most natural incredients. That's why a large majority of our wedding cakes are made with our legendary butter cream icing and the remainder use cream cheese frosting.  You can see the results of our efforts in our wedding cake photo gallery

If your goal is to provide your guests with a mouth-watering experience they'll long remember, we will be honored to serve you.  If you're interested in "making a statement" with outrageous cake accessories and decorations by using fondant frosting, we'll be happy to refer you to one of our colleagues. 

At Sweet Cheeks Bakery, the flavor comes first for our wedding cakes.

When you're ready to choose the cake for your Triangle-area wedding, we'd love to be your trusted cake design partner!  Please use our Contact Form, or call us at 919-303-9305  to schedule your Sweet Cheeks Bakery Free Consultation.

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