Cake Pick Up Horror Stories

Sweet Cheeks Bakery strongly recommends that you allow us to deliver your wedding cake to the reception venue. 

Especially with rapidly rising gas prices, cake delivery isn't any kind of a profit center for us. But it does give us the best chance to provide you and your guests with the best wedding cake experience imaginable.

In case you're still tempted to save a few dollars and pick up the cake yourself, consider some of these real-life "cake pick up horror stories."

• Cake was given to grandmother to hold in the front seat. Unfortunately, the sweet lady had a terrible cold.  The bride brought cake back to us because Grandma sneezed and she needed the cake re-iced.

• The groom picked up the cake and naturally, he was running late. Although he was cautioned to put cake on floor, the groom decided to put it on seat instead.  When stopped short to avoid an accident, the cake ended up on dashboard.  (By the way, groom was most upset because he now had cake smashed into the air conditioning vents of his car.)

• A possibly hungover best man picked up the cake, put it in his trunk, and burned rubber down the street.   Shortly afterward, the bride called up crying, and asked us to fix her cake. When we said it wasn’t our responsibility, she replied, "but you know a best man isn’t responsible!"

• Dad decided to place the cake in back of his pickup truck, because he had too much junk on his interior floors.  40 miles later, you can imagine the cake's condition.  
• A member of the bridial party picked up the cake with the family dog riding along in the van.  The cake was placed on the floor of the van, despite our reservations.  Soon, the dog jumped over back seat and had lunch.  As an added bonus, dog hair was all over the van so it got on the cake too.

• The person picking up the cake placed on floor under her toddler’s car seat. Toddler kicked off a shoe and then the other. Throw in a Barney stuffed animal (as the toddler did) and the entire cake was messed up. 

You don't have to let us deliver your wedding cake to your venue. But considering everything you've invested to create the perfect day and the potential for disaster in unskilled hands, what is your peace of mind worth?

When it's time for you to begin planning your wedding, we hope you'll include us as your trusted wedding cake design partner. Please use our Contact Form, or call us at 919-815-3651 to schedule your Free Consultation.

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